White Rabbit Podcast Episode 8 – Opus Alcymicum

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

White Rabbit Podcast is a Broadcast dedicated to discussions on life from the perspective of those who accept the Law of Thelema. Hosted by Gwen Gunther and her podcast partner internationally known artist, author and speaker J. Daniel Gunther.

In Episode 8, co-host Keith Readdy discusses the recently published second edition of Daniel’s Opus Alcymicum, which features his artwork and writing of an alchemical nature. Tune in for a fascinating discussion on some of the alchemical themes explored in Opus Alcymicum, including topics such as the Hieros Gamos, the three fundamental phases of alchemy, the mercurial serpent and “Sal Tartari,” among others.

Those interested in the latest edition of Opus Alcymicum will find more information at http://jdanielgunther.com/. Please stay tuned for ways to purchase this fascinating work directly from the author.

Love is the law, love under will.

Opening and Closing music:

“Borrowed Time”

Performed by Wakefield
Copyright 2018 by J. D. Gunther, Ron Miller, Terry Coyle


Images are copyright of J. Daniel Gunther 2018. All rights reserved.


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  1. Fr. VCCP

    Please update iTunes Podcasts. They only have up to episode 5. Thought you might appreciate a friendly reminder 🙂



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