White Rabbit Podcast Episode 2

White Rabbit Podcast is a Broadcast dedicated to discussions on life from the perspective of those who accept the Law of Thelema. This broadcast is hosted by Gwen Gunther and her podcast partner, internationally known author, artist and speaker J. Daniel Gunther. Following up on the last episode this podcast is a short study of the time when the God Horus flourished in ancient Egypt. Our purpose is to study the archetypical character of the ancient gods of Egypt and their significance in the New Aeon, the Aeon of the Child.


Introductory Music:
“Promenade of the Weasel Priest”
written by J.Daniel Gunther & Ron Miller
Performed by Wakefield
Copyright © 2015 by J. Daniel Gunther
All rights reserved.


Closing Music:
“Inn of Three Staves”
written by J.Daniel Gunther
Performed by Wakefield
Copyright © 2015 by J. Daniel Gunther
All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “White Rabbit Podcast Episode 2

  1. Jure

    Thank you for another nice episode! It is so great to listen to it while browsing the book at the same time.
    93, 93/93

  2. Giuseppe & Tikky Zappia

    We found this to be another insightful and educational podcast – an exploration of the principal Gods of Ancient Egypt – those most directly concerned with The Book of the Law, and the Aeon of the Child.

    Importance is placed upon breathing new life, imbued with the force and fire of the modern age as it were, into the archetypal symbolism of Ancient Egyptian Deities. In this way we are able to marry the old with the new, giving rise to the wholistic perspective of the Child.

    Thank you once again for your continuing outreach and knowledge sharing, and best wishes with the new venture/translation of the Egyptian papyrus.

    We look forward to more of these podcasts.

  3. Alexander Tronstad

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    Thank you for doing this podcast!

    Love is the law, love under will.

    – Alex


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